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What are we about?

We are a church. Not just any church, but a REAL church that earnestly believes that Jesus’ teachings are life-giving and for today. You may have had some negative encounters with churches or churchgoers in the past, and we want to assure you that we are different. It’s our intense desire to be biblically based, genuine, honest, safe and transformative. We believe that church ought to be the most creative, fun, energetic, and life-changing environment around. So, if that’s the kind of place you would like to be a part of, then we’d love to worship God with you!

New to CLC?

Thanks for trusting us enough to check us out. We know it’s not easy to break into a new community, and so we want to make it as painless as possible. Here at CLC you will find a bunch of people who are genuinely friendly and excited that you are joining us for a service or an event. We are here to help you, answer your questions, dispel your fears, and create an environment where you feel welcome and safe as you learn more about God. We encourage you to get involved, meet some friends and be a part of things outside of Sundays. Soon, CLC will feel like family.

Some things you should know …

Service Time

Our main service begins at 10 am on Sundays, and when you arrive, you will be greeted by some very friendly people at the door who can help you find a seat.

What is the music about?

In our main meeting area, you will hear dynamic music with a live band and singers leading us into a time of praise and worship as we sing songs that centre around who God is and what He means to our lives.

What's available for my kids?

At the same time as our main service, we have a nursery program happening and after the music your children and Jr. Youth will be dismissed to join our “Kids Zone” programs.  Our children’s & youth leaders are annually trained in an abuse prevention program so you can be assured that your children are safe when they attend one of our programs. First time registration is required.

In the service, what does the Pastor talk about?

Every week, you will hear a message on a topic that is relevant, practical and inspiring to help you navigate through every day life. The teaching is based on scripture and is designed to give you a biblical foundation in Christian living.

A note about mobile devices

Cell phones and tablets can brought into the main meeting area to use for your bible or notes (using our guest Wi-Fi), but we ask that you would keep your device on silent during the service.

About communion

Once a month, we have communion. Anyone who professes Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour may take part in this portion of the service.

Fill out a visitor's card

After the service, you can take your visitor card to the Welcome Centre Desk in exchange for a free gift,  have a cup of coffee, tea or hot chocolate on us, and connect with new friends.

I've got questions

There are friendly volunteers available at our Welcome Centre desk in the main lobby that can help answer any questions you may have.

What to Wear

Concerned about what to wear? Don’t be. Wear what you want (just wear something!). Honestly, clothes don’t make us closer to God so please, be yourself. (Liberating, isn’t it?!)

Who belongs here?

Both our church and our staff are multicultural, so no matter where you are from, we hope you will feel at home. Everyone has a place here.

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