Ejay Tupe

Missional Focus: (Downtown) Toronto,
Canada (Urban Ministry)

Prayer Points:

- Prepare urban ministry champions, practitioners and ministries, especially younger leaders
- Provide meaningful missional opportunities to reach unchurched people groups within the city

About Ejay

 Ejay is an urban missionary with Mission Canada and has been positioned in the downtown core of Toronto since 2007. In this role, Ejay has served in multiple ministry environments while living in one of the downtown east neighbourhoods of the city. He has been serving marginalized people since 2005 and believes that relationships and holistically assisting vulnerable friends are how people heal and transform. Ejay is active in community work, serving his neighbourhood in tangible and meaningful ways through advocacy, partnership and volunteerism. His main mode of ministry is to share the love of Christ daily with neighbours and friends, new and old, rich and poor, in whatever context he finds himself in.

Ejay is also passionate in helping other urban leaders find their place of mission and ministry in the city. Considering a large percentage of Canadians live in an urban centre (77.4% according to 2020 statistics Canada), Canada's major cities are mission fields to be reached! With intentionality to inspire and train urban ministry practitioners and those who may be feeling a call to serve God in the city, Ejay is the organizer of an urban ministry conference called "Our City Toronto". This conference is a celebration of local urban ministry practitioners and is purposed to be both intergenerational and interdenominational with an aim to highlight diverse voices in ministry. To find out more, visit Our City Toronto.

Ejay's ministry is in the city because Mission Canada sees our urban centres as a priority for mission and ministry. The work is not always easy and not always fun, but it is rewarding and enriching to see people come to faith in Christ, to find freedom from addiction, and to learn to walk in the ways of the Lord as they are discipled in the Christian faith. Ejay welcomes you to partner with him in reaching those in need of hope - the hope found in the person of Jesus Christ - in the city of Toronto. Your prayerful and financial support is what can strengthen and multiply the impact being made in this urban centre.