What are they?

Life Groups are small groups of people (up to about 15) that gather together
 on a weekly basis to study a specific topic, whether it’s church-related or not. Some groups
 may focus on family or finances, divorce or depression, while others may study a specific topic in the Bible,
 or be based on the previous week’s sermon.

Why Get Involved?

No matter which one you attend, Life Groups will give you a chance to meet new people and
develop a new sense of community. They will give you a chance to study
 the Bible deeper and to dialogue with other people who are interested in the same topic.
It’s a worthwhile 75 minutes of your time each week.

How to Get Involved?

Life Groups happen weekly on various nights of the week and in various
locations, and they go from September until mid-May. You can talk to a pastor to get more information on life groups, or you can register for a life group below!