Scott & Melissa 

Barcelona, Spain

Prayer Points

- The transition of the Williams. Living in one foreign country (El Salvador)
then moving to another can be a tough move, especially for their children.
- Their finances. With relocation and the higher exchange rate, their budget is needing help.
- Spiritually, Spain is a very tough country. Pray that Jesus will transform lives.

About Scott & Melissa

The issue: Spain, with 47 million people, is a fully post-Christian secular nation. Less than 1 million or 1% go to an evangelical church. Through community group and business, we work to build relationships and create an opportunity for God to lead in transformation. (Matthew 5:14-16). Jesus made it clear that success is transformation over time. Post-Christian secular environments are hard and slow. It isn't a numbers game, but rather a display of transformation in one's life.

Ministry History: Scott and Melissa served for 11 years in El Salvador with a global ministry called King's Castle. Their focus was on helping to reach children, aged 4-14, with the gospel, then disciple and release them into ministry. It is incredible to see the fruit of that ministry as many of the children have grown older, and are serving around the world.